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Black Jesus

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  1. Black Jesus

    Droprate items

    Thanks for the guide, much appreciated
  2. Great idea imo. I support it!
  3. Closed, rank given.
  4. We are having a Free to Play giveaway ending in our discord in 3 hours. Make sure to join! - https://discord.gg/SwnkvxK
  5. Droprate Bonus added to task system tab PVM kills counter added to task system tab PVM kill requirements added for each zone Soulflare added to donator store Box opening messages removed apart from ultra and unbelievable loot due to spam
  6. Black Jesus


    Today's updates: Stats added to Volcanic and Malevolent armours +1% droprate per Malevolent piece New renegade zone NPC's added to kill tracker ;;pvmkills command is now up to date Updates button on help tab in teleports interface now redirects to discord #updates channel Donator points system added along with donator lamps to give donator points Auto donations are now live! To claim your donations, do ;;claim in game Christmas zone added, type ;;questt (with two t's) to access it! Christmas event boxes added Dreaded Torva added to zombies at christmas zone, gives +2 droprate per piece Drygore rapier attack style changed Azculls Sword and Xom's Axe added to donator points store 500 donator points lamp added to sponsor boxes as insane loot Have a good Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Regards, Black Jesus
  7. Thanks for making this 🙂 And yes, pictures would be highly appreciated!! Regards, Black Jesus
  8. Black Jesus


    Today's updates: Added donator tokens to every sponsor box Fixed forums, donate and update buttons in teleport interface Added missing NPCs to kill counter in clan chat tab Donator boxes reworked Sponsor boxes reworked Added max boxes to Sirenic shop Added Malevolent set to donator token shop Added Lightsaber to cosmetic box Added Owner's Shield to max box Added Volcanic Mage set Added Donator Aura (5% Drop Rate Increase) Added +10% droprate ring Added Renegade zone (regular donator+) Regards, Black Jesus
  9. Black Jesus


    Today's updates: Fixed respawn rates Added ;winter zone NPC's Added Holy Shield to Ice Demons Added Soul Reaper Wings to Ice Demons Max boxes now drop: Cape of Kings, Azcull's Cape, Owner's Armour, amongst others ;Obby area now uses obsidian tokens Fixed ;ice zone death delay Added FOG tokens to donator mystery boxes Regards, Black Jesus
  10. I would love to introduce @Lomax to the staff team, he will be assisting me with the forums from now on and I believe that he can and will do a great job in doing so, as he has already proven. So, welcome Lomax! Glad to have ya 🙂 Regards, Black Jesus
  11. Hey guys, it has come to my attention that many of the playerbase has noticed that drop rates are far too common than they should be. For me, it doesn't matter what happens or what the rates are. I just want whatever the community wants. So please cast your votes above and we will make our decision based upon the results. Regards, Black Jesus
  12. Welcome all to the new forums 🙂

    1. Confidential


      they look amazing!

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