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  1. Azculls

    2K max box opened

    Nice Bud Thanks for doing an Opening. I'm sure this will be useful to a lot of people!
  2. https://gyazo.com/a867e347f0f1644888afee401a523db4 https://gyazo.com/fc1d3c43221570a9c3db39b455bb9d6b https://gyazo.com/cd3721e4c0801fcf7a8275f45e4d1121
  3. Newest releases at the top of this list Cape of Kings Showing 10% Dr increase as it should Max Box Fragments Added More Items Added to Exchanger - 25% ring, Millionares Necklace, Donator Aura, Immortal Armour Pieces - More to be Added before update Fixed P ring/25%ring healing you Large Fragments Box Added Grim Chest Updated also has a New Game item in their Grim chest now yells the Reward Contract Added to Grim Chest that increases DR +2 for 1 hour Each use - It will not show on ::DR yet as i need to make a Timer Dragon Soul Blade Added with Poison Damage Morning release 16/02/19 Ctrl + scroll zoom function added New Weapon Added - Fallen Angel Sword - Displayed in media on Discord New medium and Advanced zones Fixed ranks not showing on the ::dr/ ::droprate counter display in-game 12% Droprate amulet added added to new Boxes Magma pumeller on and offhand added Frag zone added to advanced tab. Drops Frag boxes - More Frags coming No need to use exchanger to use Frags just click them 🙂 Luxury Boxes Added && Luxury Rank Donator Store Updated with New items in place of max boxes Unlimited Access to Special Zone for Luxury Rank Ice Sword Added to the Weapons boxes as an extra Max Boxes Redone with Updated loots and system Mystic armour statted and Added to Dk trader and max boxes. has better stats than owner gear and smooth effects Sponsor boxes Redone Forum Rank Added Luxury Donator Rank Added Next parts of the updates are all item and zone releases with upgraded to rewards and exchanges ::grimchest command fixed interface Now says God Donator on login instead of GFX Designer First part of the Skilling Update Skilling Zone Added - Teleporting Interface>Help>Skilling Skilling Totem Added - Increaded Fragments gain + 50 per click Skill Requirements Added to Benefit from the skilling Zone All skill stats now max at 120 Command ::szguide added for skillzone guide Skilling Fragment Store Added Skilling Fragment pet Store Added Nex Pet Added Blood Warrior Shield Added + 1500 Health boost (Refreshes while equipped on Login and on Death - Rebuild HP over time/Drain if Shield Removed) Nox Staff and sklling Totem added to the Donator Store
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